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I’m proud to announce a short video of spectacular Slovenian Alps. Let me back up. In a nutshell, I’ve been collecting time-lapse videos for the last year and a half while exploring the beautiful Julian Alps and its epic Triglav National Park, Kamnik-Savinja Alps, Karawanks, and Dinaric Alps. Now, I’ve packed my heart and soul into this three-minute video, which combines highlights of my journey on the trail in my home Alps. It’s not been an easy jaunt {oh man, the long waiting at temperatures below freezing and sometimes nasty wind… I get frostbites at the very thought}, but indeed a fulfilling one.
So, here it is, our incredible Alpine Slovenia that manages to stun us on every step of the way. I truly hope you like it!

Don’t be shy to leave a comment, like the video and share it. Thanks! ? Also, if you’re interested in stories from the trail, I’m sure I’ve either written about them here on my Blog, published extensive photo albums on Facebook, or selected the most beautiful photos for Instagram.
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5 thoughts on “Beautiful Alpine Slovenia in a time-lapse video

  1. Just a question. Do you maybe have a list of the mountains in which you have filmed or rather which mountains are in the video?

    1. Hi Aleksandra, sure, here it is: Martuljek Mountain range recorded from a village called Srednji Vrh, then Julian Alps from Kredarica, Triglav, Rjavina, an ibex on the way to Triglav, Grintovec, Stenar and Bovški Gamsovec, Triglav and Julian Alps from Mrežce, sheep and the Martuljek Mountain Range in the background, on the way to Triglav, Kamniško Sedlo, Triglav, Košuta Ridge from Kofce, a lonely tree on Slivnica, the Planšar Lake in Jezersko, Golica, panoramic view from the top of Triglav, an ibex on the way to Triglav, Vrata Valley, Golica ridge, Velika Planina, a larch tree underneath Grintovec, Julian Alps from Viševnik, Malo Kladivo and Veliki Vrh from Mt. Kofce, Planjava, Snežnik, Vodnik Hut, Vogel, Kamnik-Savinja Alps from Jezersko, Zelenci pond, Triglav for sunset, Luknja, Bovški Gamsovec and Stenar from the Triglav North Face, Upper Waterfall of Martuljek, Mali Draški Vrh, Kamnik-Savinja Alps from Velika Planina, Bled, Vodnik Hut, Aljaž Hut in the Vrata valley, and Veliki Vrh from Kofce.

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