Top day hikes

Surround yourself by wildflowers, tall trees or bare rocky walls. Wander through the land of an awe-inspiring Alpine ibex with horns of over a meter, a curious chubby marmot, and shy chamois. Join us on our best day hikes in Slovenia favored by anyone passionate about the great outdoors; families, mountaineers, and complete beginners.

Top multi-day treks

Be on the lookout for a real mountain adventure with a group of the like-minded and explore the breathtaking Alpine landscapes in our selection of hut-to-hut treks in undiscovered Slovenia.

Self-Guided Tours

For adventurers who prefer to hike solo, a Self-Guided Tour is the best option. Get an expertly planned seasonal itinerary and handpicked accommodation, and hike at your own pace.

Top climbs

Conquer the untamed walls and allow yourself to be amazed by the vertical Alpine world. Immerse yourself in unspoiled Slovenia and get a taste of what it takes to climb a rocky face Alpine style.

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