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From the sunrise on Šmarna gora, Jezersko in fall colors, to climbing the Triglav North face, here are the photos you liked the most on @exploringslovenia Instagram.

On the road from the Krvavec Ski Resort to Kriška Planina, Slovenia
When your family rides fluffy slopes of Krvavec and you’re stuck with the dog. To be quite honest, I readily volunteered for the job as I just love hiking around the second largest ski resort in Slovenia. ❤️❄️❤️ December 2017.

Why I love Krvavec, Slovenia
Winter wonderland on Krvavec ? Loved it! December 2017.

Kids and a dog having fun on Kriška Planina, Krvavec
Jezerca Plateau (Planina Jezerca), November 2017.

The road to Kriška Planina, Krvavec
The road to heaven ? November 2017.

Hiking to Prisojnik, Julian Alps, Slovenia
Happiness is what surrounds us. On the way to Mt. Prisojnik, 2,547 m. November 2017.

A female hiker on the top of Prisojnik, Julian Alps, Slovenia
Standing on one of the most impressive mountains in Slovenia. Prisojnik, November 2017.

Virnikov Grintovec, the Karawanks, Slovenia
What is life but a big box of smiles, hughs, laughs, cries, worries, big expectations, and small victories. And the mountains to vent out the bad and absorb the good. Virnikov Grintovec, October 2017.

Atop Mt. Krn, Julian Alps, Slovenia
Beyond pride and thrilled, soaking up the beautiful panorama from the top of Mt. Krn, 2,244. Here’s an interesting fact: my husband and I were two of just eight people who conquered the Silvo Koren Route that day! October 2017.

Jezersko, Exploring Slovenia,October 2017
Follow that lonely trail. It will take you somewhere special ❤️ Jezersko, October 2017.

Julian Alps in fall, autumn, Slovenia, Kranjska Gora, Trupejevo Poldne
Colors of the fall above Kranjska Gora. ❤️ Trupejevo Poldne, October 2017.

Chamois in Julian Alps, Slovenia
Underneath the Triglav North Face today a group of curious chamois stared at an even more curious group of hikers ? Julian Alps, October 2017.

Vodnik Hut in Triglav National Park; Slovenia, Vodnikov dom
Located in the very heart of the Triglav National Park, the Vodnik Hut is one of the favorite mountain huts on the way to Triglav and those trekking along long paths and curvy meadows of Slovenia’s most beautiful park. Surrounded by a playground of jagged peaks, it’s definitely on my top list of the most beautiful mountain huts in Slovenia. Love it! Julian Alps, September 2017.

A female hiker enjoying Velika Planina, Slovenia #centralslovenia
Velika Planina, August 2017.

At the top of Grintovec, overlooking Dolgi Hrbet, Skuta and Brana
Grintovec, July 2017.

A female hiker climbing up to Triglav over the Prag Route
It’s steep alright, but safely secured over precipitous parts. Climbing the Triglav North Face, June 2017.

Mrežce, June 2017, Julian Alps, Slovenia
A humble bow to the big one. Mrežce, June 2017.

This hike will blow your mind: Golica and endless fields of Narcissi, Exploring Slovenia
If you haven’t seen the endless fields of wild narcissi on Mt Golica yet, now is your chance. Truly amazing! Golica, May 2017.

Triglav as seen from Viševnik
Viševnik is one of the most easily accessible high mountains with just amazing scenery and views of Triglav. The trail starts in Pokljuka above #Bled and is marked for only 2 hours.

View from Golica, Slovenia, towards the Eastern Karawanks.
No daffodils yet but beautiful as it is. Golica, April 2017.

Cycling from Ljubljana to Jezersko,Jezersko by the lake, exploring Slovenia
Jezersko, March 2017.

Winter fairytale in the mountains
Happy Valentine’s Day from Komna! February 2017.

Bled, Slovenia
Some places simply leave me speechless. Bled, February 2017.

Šmarna Gora for sunrise
Ask a local to recommend a place for hiking in Ljubljana and he’ll point to Šmarna Gora. It is the very heart for quick before- or after-work hikes and quality family outings over the weekend. Šmarna Gora, January 2017.

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  1. Nice photos! I wish you plenty of such moments in the following year!!
    P.S. Samo tvojo angleščino je včasih prav težko brat. Vsaj spell check spusti čez, preden objaviš.

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