Velika Baba, Central Route

1-Day Tour, Jezersko to Jezersko

Distinguished by excellent firm rock, just the right level of difficulty and spectacular views of the neighboring peaks, this Alpine route above the beautiful valley of Jezersko is perfect for anyone desiring to tackle a great Alpine wall for the first time. It’s a true Alpine beauty! An added safety bonus? The whole route is equipped with bolts and fixed anchors.


We park in Jezersko, a mesmerizing place hidden at the foothills of high mountains, and head towards a steep thousand-meter high face of Velika Baba, a prominent mountain in the Kamnik-Savinja Alps. At the start of the 700-meter climbing wall, we put on our climbing harness and a helmet, attach ourselves to a rope, and enter the route. The New Central Route in Velika Baba offers four hours of a pleasurable climb on a smooth face, throughout equipped with safety bolts, and ends with views of green Jezersko and a grey world above it. We return on the via ferrata towards the Ledine Hut and from there back to the valley of Jezersko.

Is This for Me?

Adventure Style

Alpine Climb | Climb | Conquer the most legendary routes in the Slovenian Alps! Eerie and spectacular in equal measure, the first impression is often theatrical in its perfection. Furthermore, the routes are considered classics among Alpine climbers.

Length and elevation gain

7.5 h, 1,127 m | 7.5-h tour; estimated 5-hour ascent, 2.5-hour descent. 1,569 meters of elevation gain.

Client to guide ratio

2 : 1 | Small group experience; Max 6. Guide ratio 2:1.

Age and experience requirements

18+, YES | Designed for climbers with good Alpine climbing experience.

Fitness level

Vigorous(4/5) | Recommended for fit travelers; 7-9 hours most days.

Technical level

T5 | Designed for climbers with good Alpine climbing experience. Surfaces: the most demanding and extremely exposed walls, IV and above climbing with no safety cables.

What's included

  • Expert mountain guiding
  • Transportation
  • Meals and beverages
  • Fun

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Other expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages and non-outside group meals, snacks etc.)

Recommended equipment

Climbing gear, basic hiking gear.

Additional information

An additional preparatory (test) tour required. The tour is done only on demand.

Please find more information on our tours in FAQ. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the tour or your suitability for it, please phone +386(0)31603225 or email

Availability And Enquiry

Currently there are no available dates for this tour.
Please contact us to arrange date for you.

Available extras

  • Tour preparation 400 € 2 video calls, 2 extra intro days
  • Pro equipment 50 €
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