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It’s the connection we have with nature and mountains, wandering steps into the unknown, budding flowers at the foothills, drifting clouds over towering peaks, huge expanses to rest your gaze upon. It’s a way of life.

Children walking in the mountains. Photo by: Exploring Slovenia
If it seems they were in a hurry – they actually were… in a hurry to find more snow and start a snow fight 🙂

As an outdoor parent, passing love for mountains onto my own kids seems as natural as breathing. Our weekends have always been reserved for going out there, just somewhere, and explore the wild side of the Earth. And they’ve come to love it. But most importantly, they’ve accepted my love for mountains as their own and the outdoors as their playground.

Kids having fun in the mountains. Photo by: Exploring Slovenia
Partners in crime.

One problem remains though. There are hardly any little buddies in the mountains!? If it’s sunny and warm, maybe we’ll meet a few little warriors on our way, but if it’s cold, foggy, drizzling, snowing or just cloudy, there’ll be pretty much no one.

Family having fun in the mountains. Photo by: Exploring Slovenia
W e n e e d m o r e s p a c e ! 🙂

With the weekend ahead, I encourage you to get out and bring your little ones along. No excuses. Vacuum cleaning can wait, trust me on this.

A child walking in the mountains on a foggy day. Photo by: Exploring Slovenia
Have I told you that I’ve grown to love fog?

To help you boost motivation for hiking a mountain, here are my personal eleven tips for hiking with kids:
Tips to boost your kids' motivation to hike
Good luck and hopefully I see y’all in the mountains!

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