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Known for endless fields of wild white daffodils, Mt. Golica is particularly popular in late April and early May. In fact, I fully subscribe to the April visits, and, guilty as charged, have never hiked it in another month before. This time, though, I was too early for the daffodils, but was compensated with equally incredible views of not only Slovenia and Triglav, but as far as Austria’s Grossglockner.

View from Golica, Slovenia, towards the Eastern Karawanks.

There’s no such thing as a perfect hike, is there? My husband and I had been planning alone time in the mountains for quite some time and penciled in the past weekend for Kredarica and possibly Triglav. As the date grew closer we looked at our calendar, and with my wisdom tooth out a week before, we sadly changed the plans. We opted for a much easier hike to Mt. Golica instead, which with its 855 meters of elevation gain seemed like a better manageable option, yet not even close as thrilling as Triglav. A bit reluctant, we immersed ourselves in a new adventure.
A happy mountaineer at the top of Golica, Slovenia.
We hit the dusty trail at noon. At first, walking up a winding path through a forest, a part of it beside a small creek with refreshing spring water, then picking up the pace through a steeper climb, and finally breaking the tree line below the Golica Hut. Once past the tree line, we knew the views can be epic on a clear day, but with ocean-blue skies and fluffy white clouds the views turned out beyond epic. No kidding.
A mountaineer on the way to Golica, Slovenia
On the way down from Golica towards Jekljevo Sedlo

Looking Triglav from the top of Golica, Slovenia
Some people see the sun, others clouds. Some danger, others freedom. I, on the other hand, see all my past and future adventures.

Feeling at the top of our tiny world, we lay down on soft grass enjoying our first mountain adventure in the long anticipated warm sun. In fact, we rested so long that we became quite comfortable in the sunshine. It was nice and warm, we had snacks, birds were circling above; why did we need to hike any further?
A snowpake in the mountains, Slovenia
Hiking in Slovenia, Mt. Golica
As much as we had felt reluctant to start our hike to the summit of Golica, it eventually turned out even more agonizing to call it a day and go back down. After a snug break, we finally agreed to spice up our return with a round route towards Jekljevo Sedlo, one of the first spots to enjoy blooming daffodils, then to cross the mountain a few hundred meters below the top to head for the Golica Hut again, and finally take the classic route down to our car.

Mountains, flowers, crocuses, woman mountaineer, sun
No daffodils at Jekljevo Sedlo just yet, only a carpet full of white and violet crocuses.

A mountain hut, mountains, sun
The Golica Hut is open daily May through September, and over sunny weekends during the rest of the year.

Walking in the forest, hellebores, woman, Golica, Slovenia
Spring has been very generous so far! Hellebores in profusion!

Anyway, Golica is blooming right now; it’s a bit too early for daffodils, but there are other wild flowers just as beautiful. I’ve got a good feeling, though, it won’t be long until beautiful white daffodils start coming into flower. Mark your calendar for the next weekend and prepare for an amazing day in the mountains as Golica might hit you as a total surprise, daffodils or no daffodils. Enjoy it!

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