Gradiška via Ferrata

Half-Day Tour, start from Gradišče (pick-up in Ljubljana or Postojna)

Three words: adrenaline, sun and pleasure. This via ferrata in the sun-stroked Vipava Valley is perfect if you’re looking forward to enjoying yourself in a warm sun, light breeze, and a satisfying climbing adventure. We actually climb two via ferratas – Gradiška and Otmarjeva via ferrata – which continue one after another and take you to the top of the Gradiška Tura peak, 793 m. The first part of the Gradiška via ferrata is not too demanding, while the Otmar Route adds a bit more thrill to the climb. This adventure offers beautiful panoramic views of the vast Vipava Valley and just the right amount of climbing.

Guided by an experienced mountain guide.

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We meet at the parking lot above a small historic settlement of Gradišče and head towards the beginning of the via ferrata route. We first enjoy ourselves in a secured and not a too demanding climbing route called the Gradiška via Ferrata. After we successfully finish the first via ferrata, we descend a bit and tackle the more demanding Otmar via Ferrata ascending all the way to the top of the Gradiška Tura Hill, and then slowly return back down to Gradišče.

Is This for Me?

Adventure Style

Via Ferrata | Climb | Short but utterly sweet, these via Ferratas are perfect for adventurous sport climbing. Expect pleasurable climbing across a steep sunlit wall with spectacular views.

Length and elevation gain

Half day, 543 m | Half-day tour estimated for 4.5 hours; 2.5 hours of climbing up, 2 hours of descending back down. 543 meters of elevation gain.

Client to guide ratio

4 : 1 | Small group experience; Max 8. Guide ratio 4:1.

Age Requirements

16+ | All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fitness level

Easy Active (2/5) | Great for outdoor novices to active hikers; 3-6 hours of activity per day.

Technical level

T3 | For mountain enthusiasts with basic climbing experience. Surfaces: mountainous terrain with steep ascents/descents, uneven trails, sections of exposed and secured climbing.

What's included

  • Expert via ferrata guiding
  • Transportation
  • Pro via ferrata equipment
  • Fun

What's not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Picnic lunch

Recommended equipment

Via ferrata set, climbing harness, climbing helmet, basic hiking gear.

Additional information

Please find more information on our tours in FAQ. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the tour or your suitability for it, please phone +386(0)31603225 or email

Availability And Enquiry

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August 2024
Tue, 13 Aug - Tue, 13 Aug Available 159 € Make Enquiry
September 2024
Tue, 3 Sep - Tue, 3 Sep Available 159 € Make Enquiry
Mon, 16 Sep - Mon, 16 Sep Available 159 € Make Enquiry
October 2024
Tue, 1 Oct - Tue, 1 Oct Available 159 € Make Enquiry
Tue, 22 Oct - Tue, 22 Oct Available 159 € Make Enquiry
November 2024
Tue, 12 Nov - Tue, 12 Nov Available 159 € Make Enquiry
December 2024
Tue, 3 Dec - Tue, 3 Dec Available 159 € Make Enquiry

Available extras

  • Backpack 10 €
  • Picnic lunch 10 €
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