Southern rim of the Ljubljana Marshes

Half-day tour near Ljubljana, pick-up in Ljubljana

Just 20 minutes from Slovenia’s capital we explore the southern rim of the Ljubljana Marshes, a Nature Park of 150 km2 and home to hundreds of species of birds, colorful butterflies and other animals due to its great landscape diversity. Our half-day together starts with a forest hike to a beautiful viewpoint at 794 m to admire Triglav, both Julian and Karavanke Alps, while also the neighboring Mt. Krim, the tallest in the Krim hills, ascending as much as 800 m above the plains of the Ljubljana Marshes. From there we delve several kilometers into the Iška Gorge to hike along a refreshing river. We continue to a cute church of St. Ana, one of many churches dominating scenic hillocks of Slovenia, and from there to the Podpeč Lake where we finally relax with a cool drink by the water.

The tour is appropriate for anyone.


Slovenia in spring: from flowers to snow in six hiking trips


Visitors of Ljubljana, we’ve heard you. To escape the bustling city life you are welcome to join us on this 6-hour adventure in the fascinating hillside just 20 minutes south of Ljubljana.

We meet in the city center and drive to the start of our first hiking trail to a fairly unknown 794-m peak, but nonetheless offering breathtaking views. We might stumble upon footprints of a brown bear, known to be roaming the forests south of Ljubljana, and see deer flee as we hike to the viewpoint to soak up views of rolling green hills, the plains of the marshes adorned with the Alpine world in the background. After the hike we drive shortly to the refreshing Iška Gorge and follow the Iška River as far into the wild gorge as we possibly can. We enjoy a picnic on a secluded spot by the river, surrounded by steep forested walls. From there we drive to the western side of the Krim hills and visit St. Ana, a 15th-century church, located on a hillock where remains of a prehistoric settlement have been found. As our last stop we visit the Podpeč Lake, which is one of the deepest lakes of Slovenia with its 51 m depth, freshen up in the water (if wanted) and cheer to our outdoor adventure.

Is This for Me?

Adventure Style

Day Intro | Hike | Anyone with a heart for the great outdoors will enjoy our quick and easy yet exciting hikes in stunning hillside landscape.

Length and elevation gain

6 h, 400 m | Day tour; estimated 11 km, 400 meters of elevation gain.

Client to guide ratio

7 : 1 | Small group experience; Max 12. Guide ratio 7:1.

Age Requirements

8+ | All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fitness level

Easy Active (2/5) | Great for outdoor novices to active hikers; 3-6 hours of activity per day.

Technical level

T1 | No previous hiking or climbing experience is necessary. Surfaces: rolling or mountainous terrain with typically easily ascending trails, some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails.

What's included

  • Expert guiding
  • Transportation
  • Meals and beverages
  • Fun

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Other expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages and non-outside group meals, snacks etc.)

Recommended equipment

Basic hiking gear.

Additional information

Please find more information on our tours in FAQ. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the tour or your suitability for it, please phone +386(0)31603225 or email

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