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As the lights on the Christmas tree are twinkling, the snow is glistening from the mountain peaks, and we are eagerly glancing at the sky not to miss the first snowflakes, our hearts fill with love and expectations. Heart-warming childhood memories rush back and we dream of the moments that we could be as free as when we were kids. Many of us have found freedom in the mountains, many in the forest near home, and many in dancing, gardening, traveling and more. Regardless of how busy our lives may be, it’s absolutely essential to keep on searching for those moments of freedom. 

Our dear co-adventurers, who like ourselves look for those moments in the mountains, here is a selection of the best pictures from Exploring Slovenia’s hiking and climbing tours in 2023. Enjoy and hopefully we’ll see each other again on the trail!

Climbing Mt. Begunjščica, which is at its 2,060 meters one of the highest peaks of the Karavanke Alps – Read more in the Blog From flowers to snow in six hiking trips
Blog: Best of Soča Valley in winter: from skiing, panoramic hiking to frozen waterfalls
Dancing on a frozen pool under a hidden waterfall in the Loška dolina (Eng. Loška Valley) – read more in the Blog Best of Soča Valley in winter
Snowshoeing in the Julian Alps to an incredibly scenic peak of Mrežce

Explore Slovenia’s best winter treks:
Guided Day Hike to Mrežce
Snowshoeing in the Julian Alps
Alpine Pastures of Velika Planina

We took many groups snowshoeing to Mrežce this winter and we all loved it!
We enjoyed many hikes and snowshoeing adventures to the Blejska koča (Eng. Bled Hut) and were rewarded with beautiful sunsets
Speaking of sunsets in the mountains, we admired many from our hikes to the Alpine Pastures of Pokljuka as well
We particularly enjoyed our hikes to Zajamniki, one of the most romantic Alpine pastures in Slovenia mountains
We found carpets of crocuses in Martinj Vrh! Read about it in Slovenia mountains in spring: from flowers to snow in six hiking trips
We explored the Southern rim of the Ljubljana Marshes

Exploring Slovenia’s spectacular spring hikes:
Flower hike on Golica
Hike in Velika Planina among crocuses

We hiked along endless meadows of daffodils on the beautiful slopes of Golica
We hiked to Black Lake, the seventh of the Triglav Lakes
Velika Planina surprised us in mid June with many flowering dandelions
The mountains above Jezersko were lush, green and booming with flowers in mid June too! Blog: Seven lush, green and fragrant mountain hikes in Slovenia
We climbed Triglav in June! Photo by: Marko Prezelj

Explore Slovenia’s best summer high mountain hikes:
Dreamy lakeview Jerebica
Triglav viewpoint hike
Stunning Julian Alps hike
Triglav – conquer the highest mountain of Slovenia!

We hiked to Lake Krn and a scenic peak above!
We found perfect views on our hike to Jerebica (Blog: Hiking in the Julian Alps among flowers, a lake and stunning views: Jerebica)
Double Lake, the fifth and the sixth Triglav lakes had lots of water this summer due to abundant rainfall

Exploring Slovenia’s best summer mid mountain hikes:
Fairytale hike in Karavanke
7 Triglav Lakes Trek
Krn Lakes above Soča Valley
Stunning Julian Alps

Big Lake, the fourth Triglav Lake, in the morning (Check out our 3-Day 7 Triglav Lakes Trek!)
We’ve seen countless beautiful moments in the mountains together this summer! Blog: Best mountain hikes in Slovenia in summer 2023
Autumn brought stable weather and more incredible days in the mountains. Blog: Twenty photos to inspire you to climb Mangart

Read more on Blog:
Twelve hikes in the Soča Valley in Slovenian mountains
Fairytale loop hike above Srednji Vrh
Where to hike around in the Soča Valley
Twenty photos to inspire you to climb Mangart

Enjoying a vibrant sunset after a big bike ride! Blog: Fairytale loop hike above Srednji Vrh
The most beautiful view of the Julian Alps from the tiny village Srednji Vrh. Guided tour: Fairytale hike in the Karavanke
Sometimes the forest opens up to spectacular views! Guided tour: Fairytale hike in the Karavanke

Read more on Blog:
Fairytale loop hike above Srednji Vrh
Where to hike around in the Soča Valley
Safe winter trails that will blow your mind

We found our idyllic place in the winter wonderland and kept returning to it
Way up high – above the lively Alpine town of Kranjska Gora, the evergreen fir forests and an escarpment that ends with some of the highest mountains in Slovenia – is a comfortable 1,562-meter peak. Read more about the hike to Visoki Mavrinc

Read more on Blog:
Adventures of 2022
Exploring Slovenia in 2021 in pictures
Wishing you all the best in 2020

As we round up yet another incredible year, here’s to many more to come! Let the new year bring new challenges. Challenges that are comfortable yet intriguing and, once achieved, boost you with energy and strength. Looking forward to the new challenges and wishing you Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!

If you are drawn to the mountains but need help tackling the challenges on the way, feel welcome to join us on guided tours in the Slovenian mountains. We’ll have an amazing time out there together!

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