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With all big celebrations behind and before we leap fully into 2023, let’s take a step back for a moment and reflect. We’ve shared many unforgettable mountain adventures together; hiked, wandered carefree on undulating trails, climbed steep walls, overcoming fears of many kinds and sweating for the same goals. We’ve enjoyed sandwiches seated on conditionally comfortable rocks, yet snugly sunk into mesmerizing views. We yelled at the top of our lungs from the top of the mountains, sharing happiness with everyone around us. We’ve admired with big Wooows the mighty Alpine ibexes as they stretched their muscular bodies in the warm sun somewhere high up in the remote rocky world. We’ve become friends, connected with an invisible thread, knitted so precisely around our hearts as only the magic of the wildest mountains can do.

There are so many mountain adventures I would love to share with you! So here are a few photos of Our 2022 to reflect the beautiful trails we’ve walked together. Enjoy!

Exploring Slovenia’s best day hikes:
Fairytale hike in Karavanke
Stunning Julian Alps
Triglav Lakes to the Double Lake
Goli Vrh above Jezersko

A field of dandelions flowering at St. Jakob near Ljubljana
Flowers on the way to Špik
Climbing Mt. Špik!

Exploring Slovenia’s best summer high mountain hikes:
Dreamy lakeview Jerebica
Triglav viewpoint hike
Stunning Julian Alps hike
Triglav – conquer the highest mountain of Slovenia!

Mmmmm a yummy plate of well-deserved štruklji after a climb
The first day of our 3-day Triglav Lakes Trek
Enjoying our August Triglav Lakes – Double Lake hike
A picnic on the last day of our From Bohinj to the Soča Valley Trek

Exploring Slovenia’s best summer mid mountain hikes:
Fairytale hike in Karavanke
7 Triglav Lakes Trek
Krn Lakes above Soča Valley
Stunning Julian Alps

Climbing Triglav above the clouds
Enjoying a cloudy day on Mt. Slemenova Špica
At the top of Vrtaško Sleme
Almost at the top of Triglav

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Here is to another year full of unknown paths and adventures which we still get to share! Let 2023 be a good one! 🥂

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