Vrtaški Vrh

One-Day Tour, start from Mojstrana (pick-up in Bled or Kranjska Gora)

Those of you, who love a good workout but not so much exposure, are invited to hit the trail above Mojstrana, a small town at the doorstep to the Julian Alps and the Triglav National Park. We’ll bite through 1,223 meters of ascent through a forest, scenic meadows and the open top part only to arrive at a 1,900-m peak, seemingly a stone’s-throw away from the awe-inspiring high mountains of the Julian Alps. An energizing hike in an absolutely divine setting that will leave you craving for more!

For those who want a little extra, the tour can be extended to Vrtaško Sleme! Please let us know in the comment.


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Starting the hike from Mojstrana, a small town of a little over a thousand people at the edge of the wildest parts of the Julian Alps, we first tackle a challenging trail up a steep forested hill. After about an hour, the world becomes flatter and the views from the trail more and more intriguing. We pass a cute wooden mountain hut in the Vrtaška Planina meadow and yet ascend even higher to reach the bare top slopes of the Vrtaški Vrh mountain. At 1,900 meters, the very peak approaches the tall peaks of the Julian Alps shoulders, making the views from the top seem a mere stroll away. After a break at the top, soaking up the breathtaking views of the Martuljek Group, the wild, remote and mostly unmarked part of the Julian Alps, we head back to the valley.

Did you know that Mojstrana is also home to the Slovenian Alpine Museum, the only mountaineering museum in Slovenia? Our tip: combine the hike with a visit to the museum.

Is This for Me?

Adventure Style

Day Intermediate | Hike | Feel your heart pounding as we rush up a wildflower-speckled trail, be enchanted by high-Alpine landscapes, and lie in soft grass below towering mountains.

Length and elevation gain

7 h, 1,223 m | One-day tour; estimated 4-hour ascent, 3-hour descent. 1,223 meters of elevation gain.

Client to guide ratio

7 : 1 | Small group experience; Max 14. Guide ratio 7:1.

Age Requirements

12+ | All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fitness level

Moderate (3/5) | For moderately fit outdoor enthusiasts and the above; 5-7 hours most days.

Technical level

T1 | No previous hiking or climbing experience is necessary. Surfaces: rolling or mountainous terrain with typically easily ascending trails, some steep ascents/descents and uneven trails.

What's included

  • Expert mountain guiding
  • Transportation
  • Meals and beverages
  • Fun

What's not included

  • Accommodation
  • Travel insurance
  • Other expenses of a personal nature (alcoholic beverages and non-outside group meals, snacks etc.)

Recommended equipment

Basic hiking gear.

Additional information

Please find more information on our tours in FAQ. If you wish to discuss any aspect of the tour or your suitability for it, please phone +386(0)31603225 or email info@exploringslovenia.com.

Availability And Enquiry

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November 2021
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