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“This is my life. The path that leads nowhere else but to another path and then again yet to another path. Endless paths. Freedom in its most perfect sense of meaning. I’m destined for freedom, so free that when among people who either love me or hate me, I remain alone. Alone with my wishes, dreams, yearnings, and alone on my endless paths.”

Same as Nejc Zaplotnik, I thrive on freedom too.

Nonetheless, my life in the past years has been rocky and bumpy like a boat in a rough sea. The steady city life with a steady office job and a partner, from whom I’ve drifted emotionally apart over the course of time and unresolved problems, has launched me back into the mountains. Four years ago, in December 2015, I climbed the first big mountain after the birth of my first child. Nothing dramatic, yet thrilling enough to bring me back onto the only path that has ever made sense. I started to relearn how to say no, to stand up for myself, which slowly brought back the independent and calm person I had known in the past. I became me again.

The adventures in the mountains might seem overwhelming, even dangerous at first glance, yet in my case they bring the peace of mind and heart. Some hikes are enjoyable with the fresh air, high-alpine scents, and open meadows sprawling into the distance. And then there are those hikes that are absolutely unbeatable with vivid colors, sprinkled with the whitest fluffiest snow, fields of wild flowers and turquoise-colored lakes so surreal that it’s hard to imagine they exist outside a fairytale. This is my life now.

Ever since, December has always been the time for reflection and with the end of the decade approaching, this month seems more appropriate than ever for reflections on the past. The family, work, friendships we’ve made and people we’ve parted from. The life choices we’ve made, as smart or as stupid as they might have been, define us to the very core and vice versa. Yet the passion remains. As Nejc said, those who seek the goal will remain empty when achieving it, but those who find the path will continue to carry the goal in their hearts.

I wish you all the best on the paths you’ve chosen. Whether you walk them alone or with your loved ones, let it be a merry and happy time full of adventures! Here are a few highlights of my adventures in 2019. Enjoy!

Galetovec, December 2019
Viševnik, November 2019
Šija, October 2019
Triglav lakes, October 2019
Climbing Triglav with my daughter for the first time, September 2019
Climbing Triglav with Pat and Alison, September 2019
Triglav on the most scenic route, July 2019
The Julian Alps, July 2019
The Dolomites, June 2019
Golica, May 2019; photo credit Journey Through Italy
Velika Planina, April 2019; photo credit Barbara Kandus

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Krn Lake, March 2019
Vogel, February 2019
Iški Vintgar, January 2019

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