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The past weekend was not about setting speed records. On the contrary, it was about three friends having great fun, sharing intimate stories, laughing to tears about things others might find stupid, and making new memories to laugh about in the years to come. We immersed ourselves in our first hiking adventure together, heading towards places that offer a real feast for the eyes – forests, lakes, wild flowers and fauna.
Triglav Lakes view, the Double Lake, Slovenia, hiking

The question that kept our debates rolling before the departure was where to go. Not many huts in the Julian Alps are open before the end of June, so the choice was limited. But since my friends wanted to see the Triglav Lakes and the Komna Hut was the only hut open in those parts of Slovenia then, the choice was pretty obvious. Honestly, for a brief moment we did consider staying in a bivouac overnight, but after really imagining ourselves dragging up the hill all the things three women might need for a comfortable night in the mountains, I called the hut and booked a room.
Three women hikers happy at the Komna hut, Julian Alps, Slovenia
On Saturday morning, we parked our car in a parking lot near the Savica Waterfall and headed towards the Komna Hut. Due to a rather pessimistic weather forecast from the day before, our plan was to hike there first, make another short hike later if the weather turned out ok, and save the best – the Triglav Lakes – for the forecasted sunny Sunday.
As it turned out, the weather held up nicely all day and we had plenty of time to laugh all the way to Komna and further up the mountains without the pressure of getting stuck in a thunderstorm somewhere along the way. After Komna, it was Mt. Bogatin, a scenic mountain with views over Lake Bohinj, Triglav and the southwestern Julian Alps. Since it’s almost 2,000m high, the beautiful trail from Savica, now speckled with colorful flowers throughout, ascends as high as 1,350m in about 4.5 hours. A lot for someone who doesn’t do hiking on a regular basis! Anyway, I readily volunteered to carry the backpack with our stuff from Komna to Bogatin to speed up the pace just a little bit. That checked, we conquered the “beast” at 2 pm, soaking up spectacular views from the top.

Flowers blooming on the way from Komna to Bogatin, Julian Alps, Slovenia, Triglav National Park
The way from Komna to Bogatin is in bloom right now!

Flowers blooming on the way from Komna to Bogatin, Julian Alps, Slovenia, Triglav National Park
Truly, it was beautiful, but one other thing stuck out even more. If I’m used to getting a dose of solitude and silence, by-passers of our little group heard anything but. A most curious sound surrounded us all the way to the top: exciting chatter, hilarious laughter, and encouraging words to one another. The one thing that most female mountaineers crave – and I am no exception – that female energy! We did experience that wild part of the mountains though. On the way up, a cute chubby marmot, oblivious of the three eager stalkers watching it, entertained us by passing a large snow-covered slope fifty meters from us, while on the way back a young viper lay hidden below a patch of grass on the trail and the only way to pass it was to jump over it.

Bogatin mountain hut, Slovenia, Triglav National Park
During WWI, there used to be twenty huts below the Bogatin Pass. Most of the huts are gone now, but the former military hospital has been turned into a mountain hut that now sleeps 52 people.

Three women enjoying a hike in the Triglav National Park

Hiking to Bogatin above Komna, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Bogatin on the right.

The view from Bogatin, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
The countless peaks seen from Mt. Bogatin. Bucket list for sure!

View over Lake Bohinj from Mt. Bogatin, Triglav National Park
Barbara soaking up cinematic views over Lake Bohinj from the top of Mt. Bogatin.

Cheers from the Komna Hut
Later on, while it was raining outside and we were snugly settled in the Komna Hut, we toasted (quite a few times actually) to an exceptional day and to one more to come! Cheers to that!

The next morning started off a bit foggy. The Jägermeister from the night before needed a few hours to wear off, but we took it slowly, had breakfast, and at 9 am left the hut as the last. We headed towards the Triglav Lakes. The 7.1—km trail passes by beautiful lush back country beneath high rocky peaks and takes you directly to the Double Lake.

View over Lake Bohinj from Komna
A sea of fog lingers above Lake Bohinj as dawn casts its first rays.

Hiking in Triglav National Park
A perfect day to meander through the flower-speckled back country in the otherworldly Triglav National Park.

Hiking in Triglav National Park
When you realize you’re the only one wearing a hat in the photo but are too lazy to repeat the shooting… (because these kinds of things matter to women! :D)

By the Double Lake, Triglav Lakes, Slovenia
Mesmerized by the first open view over the Double Lake.

The Double Lake of the Triglav Lakes lies directly beneath Mt. Mala Tičarica
The Double Lake or the fifth and the sixth lake below Mt. Tičarica.

Three women by the Double Lake of the Triglav Lakes, Slovenia, Triglav National Park
“Do we jump?” “OF COURSE!” Those women mountain vibes! ?

For the way down, we chose the standard trail for the way up – over the Komarča Wall. It’s the shortest and passes another beautiful lake on the way, the Black Lake. Hey, have I ever mentioned that the norm in the Slovenian mountains is to expect afternoon (thunder)storms? Well, yeah, a relatively small storm caught us just somewhere on the way down, forcing us to wait it out under a tree, but who am I to complain about something so small, right?
Caught in the rain while hiking, Slovenia
All in all, it was a great hike and definitely worth repeating! But one question remains: where next? Come let me know about your suggestions in the comments. Until next time, y’all, and stay tuned for more outdoor adventures! Follow me on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Youtube and subscribe to the feed.

P.S.: the kind of thing you get only when hiking in an all-female pack. Cheers back to Croatia!

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