Hurtling over cliffs, narrow gorges, and mysterious mists lingering in the thick tall forest now dressed in spectacular autumn hues, the waterfalls around Kranjska Gora tend to be most spectacular particularly during the rainy months in the fall. The most fascinating falls in the area, the Peričnik Fall and Martuljek Falls, make a perfect daily trip either in moody weather or sunshine.

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Peričnik Falls
On a rainy Monday morning I drove up to the parking lot below the favored waterfalls at the beginning of Vrata Valley, a 10-kilometer Alpine valley stretching from Mojstrana to the very heart of the Julian Alps and Triglav National Park, Mt. Triglav itself. The slight rain must have warded off the usually eager pack of tourists since the parking lot was completely empty and I was the only visitor at the beautiful Peričnik Waterfalls. Highly unusual for what may be the best-known falls in Slovenia!
Peričnik Waterfall, Triglav National Park, Vrata Valley, Slovenia
I hurried up a steep slope, first to the smaller 16-meter Upper Peričnik Fall, then to the 52-meter tall Lower Peričnik Fall, passed the stream underneath high cliffs behind the waterfall, and hiked down the slope on the other side of the falls. Altogether it’s an hour-long hike with lengthy photo stops included.

Peričnik Waterfall in the fall, Triglav National Park, Vrata Valley, Slovenia
Beautiful autumn hues add a special vibrancy to the landscape even on a rainy day like mine
Peričnik Waterfall, Triglav National Park, Vrata Valley, Slovenia
With deep hollows carved into the cliff, one can pass from one side to the other behind the fall. Be prepared to get a bit wet though
Peričnik Waterfall in the fall, Triglav National Park, Vrata Valley, Slovenia
The Peričnik Stream plummets astonishing 68 meters down altogether, merging with the Triglav Bistrica Stream in the valley

Martuljek Falls
Located just 4 km from Kranjska Gora and 9 km from Mojstrana, the Martuljek Falls are among the tallest waterfalls in Slovenia. At 1,250 m, the Upper Fall cascades a hundred meters down, then a couple of hundred meters below the Lower Fall first drops 29 meters and then plunges down another 25 meters in interconnected smaller drops, while the wild-water stream gushes down the 350-meter long and 100-meter tall canyon before it finally reaches the valley.
In spring, snowmelt increases the flow of the iconic Martuljek Waterfalls, located right in the heart of the Martuljek mountain group in Triglav National Park. Yet in autumn, after long periods of rain, it seems as if the whole forest around the falls comes to life as well with all newly emerging small wild streams gushing down the mossy green slopes beneath the towering mountains.

Martuljek Mountain Group as seen from Gozd Martuljek near Kranjska Gora, Slovenia
Martuljek Mountain Group as seen from Gozd Martuljek, a small settlement of a little over 600 inhabitants, where the trail for the waterfalls begins
Martuljek Mountain Group for sunrise, Julian Alps
Hidden in the forest below the pointy 2,473-meter high Špik, the Martuljek Falls are the most prominent waterfalls of the Martuljek Mountain Group
Upper Martuljek Fall, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Over a hundred meters tall, the Upper Martuljek Fall plummets down in four cataracts, finally dropping into a beautiful light blue pool that naturally continues downwards through a labyrinth of drops carved into steep limestone.
Upper Martuljek Fall, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
Flowing down in four cataracts, the Upper Martuljek Fall starts with a 34-meter drop, then continues with smaller 14- and 5-meter drops, and finally ends with the tallest 48-meter drop
Upper Martuljek Fall in winter, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
48 meters tall, the last cataract of the Upper Martuljek Fall ends in a beautiful light blue pool
Upper Martuljek Fall, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
After flowing through the Upper Martuljek Fall, the stream rushes down as a small rapid before reaching the Lower Fall a couple of hundred meters below
Lower Martuljek Fall, Triglav National Park, Slovenia
The Lower Martuljek Fall is smaller than the Upper Fall, yet breathtaking nonetheless. 29 meters tall, it continues to fall for another 25 meters down steep rapids

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