Prisojnik via Ferrata

1-Day Tour, start from Vršič Pass, pick-up in Kranjska Gora or Bled

Explore the massive mountain that raises proudly above Kranjska Gora. Although there are several secured routes that lead to the top, one of the most intriguing ones is definitely the “Kopiščar” route. This route ascends sharply above the Vršič Mountain Pass, leading through a natural window to the other side of the mountain and to the panoramic top. With its perfect mix of demanding, elegant, steep, and attractive, it is the route to be fondly remembered for a long time.

Guided by an experienced IFMGA mountain guide.



After parking at the Vršič Mountain Pass, possibly by the Erjavčeva Hut, we'll go out to explore one of the most popular Slovenian mountains easily accessible from the road, Prisojnik. We'll follow a trail in the midst of high mountains and pass countless sheep grazing freely by the road and people enchanted with the surrounding beauty. The easy trail will soon end in steep cliffs and after strapping on the necessary climbing gear, we'll continue our way vertically. The route is secured, plus you'll be safely attached to your mountain guide, who will help you cross all the difficult spots more confidently. You'll pass through a famous natural window and enjoy a close-up view of the Heathen Maiden (Slo: Ajdovska deklica), a rock formation that resembles a girl's face. After about four hours, you'll reach the top of Prisojnik to absorb the enormous beauty around you. The descent will follow a much easier trail on the southern side of the mountain and is estimated to take you down in less than 3 hours.

Is This for Me?

Adventure Style

Alpine via Ferrata | Climb | For those who love climbing and mountains, our secured via Ferratas are absolutely adorable when you sneak high up the steep faces in the rugged and awe-inspiring Alpine world.

Length and elevation gain

7 h, 1,035 m | Day tour; estimated 4-hour ascent, 3-hour descent. 1,035 meters of elevation gain.

Client to guide ratio

4 : 1 | Small group experience; Max 8. Guide ratio 4:1.

Age Requirements

12+ | All travelers under age 18 must be accompanied by an adult.

Fitness level

Moderate (3/5) | For moderately fit outdoor enthusiasts and the above; 5-7 hours most days.

Technical level

T3 | For mountain enthusiasts with basic climbing experience. Surfaces: mountainous terrain with steep ascents/descents, uneven trails, long sections of exposed and secured climbing.

What's included

  • Expert mountain guiding
  • Transportation
  • Pro via ferrata equipment
  • Fun

What's not included

  • Travel insurance
  • Picnic lunch

Recommended equipment

Via ferrata set, climbing harness, climbing helmet, basic hiking gear.

Availability And Enquiry

Dates Availability Price
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June 2024
Wed, 26 Jun - Wed, 26 Jun Available 199 € Make Enquiry
July 2024
Wed, 10 Jul - Wed, 10 Jul Available 199 € Make Enquiry
Wed, 24 Jul - Wed, 24 Jul Available 199 € Make Enquiry
August 2024
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October 2024
Wed, 16 Oct - Wed, 16 Oct Available 199 € Make Enquiry
December 2024
Tue, 31 Dec - Tue, 31 Dec Available 199 € Make Enquiry

Available extras

  • Backpack 10 €
  • Picnic lunch 10 €
  • Ljubljana transfer (roundtrip) 90 €
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