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Alpine Climb

Conquer the most legendary routes in the Slovenian Alps! Eerie and spectacular in equal measure, the first impression is often theatrical in its perfection. Furthermore, the routes are considered classics among Alpine climbers.

Alpine via Ferrata

For those who love climbing and mountains, our secured via Ferratas are absolutely adorable when you sneak high up the steep faces in the rugged and awe-inspiring Alpine world.

Via Ferrata

Short but utterly sweet, these via Ferratas are perfect for adventurous sport climbing. Expect pleasurable climbing across a steep sunlit wall with spectacular views.

Intro Alpine

Get a taste of real mountaineering by climbing high mountains on well-defined paths that show you the raw and rugged beauty of the backcountry. Adventurous and stunning, they are designed to fit anyone who loves mountains.

Intermediate Alpine

Long, challenging, yet utterly spectacular, prepare yourself to feel stretched to the limit by climbing difficult but secured routes in the Slovenian Alps. Expect high, steep and utterly rewarding climbs.

Expert Alpine

Experience the wild side of the Alps. Tackle the routes that push back the boundaries and explore majestic ridges, walls and lonely mountains safely with our certified guides.

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