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It’s that time of year again! We are all cheering, laughing, dancing, spending time with our loved ones, cooking, baking, and making our lives a little brighter at least for a few moments. I’m sure we’ve all seen better years or at least calmer and less stressful ones, and to be honest, more joyful years, too. I’m also sure that our biggest wish this year was to return things back to normal. Funny, right? For all those wishes we usually have and the little things that bother us and wish to change, once faced with a real situation with lockdowns and social contact restrictions, normality seems like heaven. Oh, the beautiful times when I shipped the kids to school and got those 7-8 hours for calm work! Oh to all those lunches and dinners that we spent at my parents’ (without having to cook or clean afterwards!)! Oh to all crazy get-togethers with my friends! Oh to all hikes, climbs and time I spent in the real mountains!! Life is not quite the same without all that, right?!

That’s why my greatest wish this year for all of us is to appreciate and enjoy life and enjoy the little things that we still have and can’t be taken away that easily. While I keep my fingers crossed that in the months ahead things will get back to normal, I also wish that we’ve all realized what’s really important in life, what’s worth fighting for, and what’s worth keeping regardless of the restrictions. To appreciate the little things that breathe meaning into our lives. Have a great Christmas, happy holidays and an awesome New Year, and make sure you spend the special moments the way you want to! 

Here are a few highlights of my 2020…

Jalovec and the Ponce Mountains from Cipernik
Bled and the snowy Karawanks for a crazy sunset
Enjoying winter in the Karawanks on Mt. Stol (read in a Blog 1, Blog 2)
Hiking the ridge from Mt. Kofce to Veliki Vrh
The gorgeous view from Ajdna
The Julian Alps from Rudnica
A cute church through one of the many flowering apple trees
Velika Planina and its flowering crocuses
Flowering mountains above Pokljuka
Zajamniki Village with flowering wild roses
A via ferrata to Mala Mojstrovka above the Vršič Pass (Blog)
At the top of Triglav with my daughter for the second time
The beautiful Vodnik Hut
Cerknica Lake, an intermittent lake in southwestern Slovenia
Hiking to Jezerski Stog

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Mt. Macesnovec and its golden larch trees
Our puppy Leyla enjoying her first snow
Winter fairytale in Pokljuka ❄️😍❄️
Frozen fir trees after a big snowfall
So much snow this year!
Winter wonderland in the Karawanks
Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year 😘

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